Meet Our Team

aac07573 Theresa.jpg

Theresa Millard

Project Manager – Sustainability and Stewardship
The inspiration. The glue.

Theresa has been with Kohler since 1988, beginning in the Wisconsin Pottery in artistic and technical development and the supervision of the Artist Editions® production team. She transitioned to industrial design where she worked in both Artist Editions and Sanitary businesses, and has spent the last nine years focused on Kohler Sustainability and Stewardship.

zab84345 Jim.jpg

Jim Neiman

The explorer. The scientist.

Jim has been with Kohler since 1988, beginning as a technician for the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts/Industry program. He later moved into Kohler New Product Development, where he supported numerous teams with artistic and technical support for Artist Editions, Nature’s Chemistry and color development. In his role today, he works as a hands-on technical designer of materials and processes.


Monty Stauffer

Sr. Industrial Designer – WasteLAB
The designer. The maker.

Monty has been with Kohler since 2008, working as an Industrial Designer – Material and Process in the decorative products category. He has extensive experience as a practicing artist and designer. He is primarily responsible for the development of new materials, products and processes working as a hands-on designer, as well as supporting others through design, education and outreach.


Josh Boyce

Sr. Project Engineer – WasteLAB
The realist. The engineer.

Josh has been with Kohler since 2013 working in various vitreous china new product integration and operations engineering roles. He has extensive technical experience in material science and ceramic engineering. He provides technical direction for our design efforts and oversees planning, scheduling and coordination of development needs including equipment and materials. He also provides support for education and outreach to the extended new product development community.